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Wig stands for Isabel

Wig stands for Isabel published on No Comments on Wig stands for Isabel

As the next ep of Zombieville will be set in Isabel’s bedroom, I needed to complete the interior decoration thereof. Isabel, because she dislikes her grey hair, shaves it short and wears a variety of meretricious wigs. In a natural extension of her interest in dolls, she has customized her wig stands by repainting them, renaming them and giving them personalities.

I made the wig stands out of heads from my collection [hah!], painted dowels, Aves Apoxie Sculpt, hot glue and carpentry scraps [I think they’re actually furniture slides or coasters]. The centers of the carpentry scraps came with holes drilled part of the way through, so I filled these with Aves Apoxie Sculpt and sank the painted dowels in. I trimmed the dowels to appropriate height and, if necessary, drilled holes in the bases of the heads. I then put hot glue inside each head and sank it into a dowel. Voila — wig stands made from materials I already had.

The best part about these wig stands is that I can attribute any imperfections to the fact that Isabel made them by hand. 😀

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