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New small populations etc. from Nataluna

New small populations etc. from Nataluna published on No Comments on New small populations etc. from Nataluna

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This photo represents just a small selection of the 10 lbs. [!] of stuff that I received from @natalunasans recently. Farrier, on the left, is a Big Chief Studios Tenth Doctor/David Tennant. On his head is a Rement Pose Skeleton Cat, soon to be the Grim Reaper’s other pet in Isabel’s doll photostories on Beth & Death. So cute — I suppose it could also make a convincing dead 1:6 scale kitten. In front of Farrier is his Design Ideas Doodle Bicycle, a wire and silicone sculpture with swiveling front fork, rotating pedals and tires, and functional kickstand. The sleek, bright, groovy design looks much more convincing than any Barbie bikes I’ve seen. Mattel Curvy Fashionista looks on in the center, waiting for me to add elbow, wrist, and knee articulation. At right, a Character Options Clockwork Droid tries to make sense of the scene. I’ve wanted one of these for a while now, but missed the chance to purchase one affordably, so imagine my pleasure when I discovered one in the box! What do you think they’re saying?

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