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Stuff I got last weekend

Stuff I got last weekend published on No Comments on Stuff I got last weekend

VTDL met last Saturday, with Eseme and Kukolka from the Figurvore boards coming specifically for 1:6 scale selling, swapping, and enjoyment. I got some cool stuff for both my sets and my 1:9 scale Dork fam.

I bought this house-shaped shelf off Lyrajean for a buck. It makes a perfect dollhouse-like frame for the toy store part of my thrift store.

Speaking of my thrift store, I wanted to add a display of purses and bags to the clothing section, but I didn’t have enough bags for a decent display. Fortunately Eseme brought a bunch of Volks bags to get rid of, all constructed just like the 1:1 scale version, with appropriate materials and working zippers. Of course we made a trade, so I acquired the white one on the top [and matching visor], the yellow one on the shelf below, the denim bag with brown bow on the bottom left hook, the red laptop bag on bottom shelf, and the clear tote on the bottom right hook. Too bad I don’t have anywhere to fit it in my store. D:

And I got some REMENT from Eseme!!!!!! It’s from the Fairy Tale Tableware series. I mostly wanted it for the little spice rack. As a bonus, the llama [?] with cart and the rabbit can be used as toys.

In 1:9 scale news, I got shoes from Eseme. The Volks cowboy boots are just for my 1:6 scale shoe store. The ones with periwinkle spats are for the 1:9 scale Doctor. They came from a Mattel Mad Hatter Signature Collection doll, for which I also have the body and outrageous outfit. Unfortunately it’s a pretty small body and thus outfit, but I may be able to salvage some of its wonderful mismatchery for my 1:9 scale Doctor. The fluorescent pink boots are for 1:9 scale Alison. 😀

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