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Alison and Bill and the produce section in progress

Alison and Bill and the produce section in progress published on No Comments on Alison and Bill and the produce section in progress

Here’s an update on the produce section…

Last week I got more stock in the mail for my produce section: cantaloupe, eggplant, pumpkins, kabocha [green pumpkin-like things], onions, and red potatoes. While I was at it, I also got some bottles and cartons of juice, at left in front. Everything is genuine Iwako, thus high quality.

I’m still waiting for pineapple, cucumbers, bok choy, and cabbage [all erasers], as well as some yellow peppers. I also have some oblate spheroids that I need to turn into persimmons or tomatoes or something…




The pumpkins came in an alarmingly fluorescent shade of orange, so I repainted them with more of a yellowish ochre. The kabocha next to them are a sweet squash regularly used in Japanese tempura. The brown produce trays are made from lids of paperboard jewelry boxes. I need to prop them up on a slant.
Let’s assume that the cantaloupe [lower left], eggplant, and kabocha are a good size for 1:6 scale. Even the pumpkins are, if we assume they’re mini pie pumpkins. That leaves the onions and red potatoes ridiculously out of scale, however.
The potato is maybe 125% the size of the cantaloupe! The onion is the same size as the cantaloupe! Alison and Bill are both puzzled and amused.
I’ve decided to embrace the out-of-scaleness, however. There will be a special sign by the potatoes: PREPOSTEROUSLY PRODIGIOUS POTATOES. The one by the onions will say OVERTLY OVERSIZE ONIONS.

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