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Working on Lakis: body mods and matching

Working on Lakis: body mods and matching published on 1 Comment on Working on Lakis: body mods and matching

When we last saw Lakis, she was on a Hasbro Marvel Rising Squirrel Girl body. She needed shorter calves, color matching, and a better fitting outfit. I achieved all three today, and now she just needs hands!

Hacked off feet + ankles and wedged stumps in these fluorescent pink bootfeet. Also tried sanding interior front of crotch for greater thigh poseability, but it didn’t do much. She’s now 9.5″ high, which makes her the 1:6 scale equivalent of under 5′.
Trimmed length of leggings and her hair while I was at it. Performed rudimentary color matching with the following colors: DecoArt Crafter’s Acrylic Bright Orange, Craft Smart Brown, and Folk Art 6453 Prairie Sunset. Exposed joints okay, as outfit will cover.
Finally found a use for that corset top from one of the early Curvy Fashionistas! Apparently Lakis really likes a) pink, b) stripes, and c) kitties. Yup, she’ll fit right in with the other Dorks. She just needs some hands now…


Still need to seal her hands some more and maybe increase elbow flexion, but this is her final look.

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