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More sweaters, no fashion sense, and a repaint

More sweaters, no fashion sense, and a repaint published on No Comments on More sweaters, no fashion sense, and a repaint

My dolls follow mainstream fashion insofar as the clothes they wear are recognizable as modern, culturally acceptable wardrobe elements such as shirts, pants, and shoes. Beyond that, though, they merrily deviate from the norm with their own definitions of what’s cool. Latest crop of sweaters made from novelty socks illustrates this well. Pictures below.

Left to right, there’s Pocahontas in sushi, an unnamed custom in ladybugs and snails, Novella in centipedes and ladybugs, Liam in cheeseburgers and stripes, and Raquel in eye-bleeding neon.
Pocahontas and the unnamed custom show that I can make more than just sweaters with novelty socks! I developed a winter hat pattern today, examples of which the two are wearing. I also made the unnamed custom’s leg warmers out of sock scraps.
Raquel thinks she looks pretty groovy, but I don’t think Liam likes his cheeseburgers. D:
Closeup of the unnamed custom.

As for the unnamed custom, I’ve been trying to get a short, fat, 1:6 scale body out of her for years. Her base figure is an 8″ Little Heroes dude with heavy mods. I hacked off the original neck and grafted one in from a fashion doll. I reduced the bulk of the back and sculpted on a new chest. I also hacked off the original hands.

After trying different heads on this body, I finally stuck on a Life in the Dreamhouse Mattel head…can’t remember the name of the sculpt. I gave her a partial repaint this weekend in two shades of brown. It’s not lazy monochrome — it’s a deliberately minimalist aesthetic! Yeah, that’s my story, and I’m sticking with it. =P New eyebrows, more neutral lips, and bags under eyes make her look older and more realistic.

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